About Us

Real Media is a web-based media organization that provides relevant, stimulating content on a daily basis, with a focus on news, commentary, music, arts & culture, food, fashion, and lifestyle issues. Real Media delivers this information via its carefully curated website and its uniquely formatted radio station.

Our History

Our media organization was founded in October of 2011 as a news blog entitled “The Real Story,” covering news, sports, and community events.

Based on reader response and encouragement, we launched a weekly print newspaper under that same banner in January of 2012, and immediately received critical acclaim.

We continued to publish a weekly print edition until November of 2012, when we decided to join the other visionary media outlets that had realized that the future of journalism was on the internet, and transitioned to a web-based media outlet.

The move to the worldwide web brought immediate benefits – chief among them that we were no longer constrained by arbitrary print deadlines and, thus, could publish the news almost as quickly as it happened. While this gave the distinct advantage of reporting the news before any of our competitors, we have never sacrificed our commitment to being as accurate as possible, just to be first. For us, accuracy has always trumped getting a “scoop.”

Then, February of 2013 we decided to give birth to another element – one which only served to further differentiate ourselves from our media brethren – by launching an internet radio station called Real Radio.

Real Radio features a blend of stimulating talk shows and several genre-specific music shows that highlight emerging performing artists from all over the country.

Our radio station boasts listeners not only from throughout the United States, but from around the world.

We continue to strive for excellence every day, as we search for new to innovate and provide our fans with the most dynamic media organization on the planet.

Our Mission

To deliver the most relevant, thought-provoking information to our readers and listeners, in as timely a manner as possible, and in the way that they desire it.

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