Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro

  • Length: 360mm
  • Wheelbase: 256mm
  • Remote control system: GT3X Radio
  • Motor: 3300KV (Brushless)
  • Battery: LI-PO 7.4V 3900mAh
  • Special features: Team Energy X10 Dual belt drive system, Anodized aluminum threaded shock bodies, oil filled shocks, premium cut pistons, fully tunable independent suspension

This car can simply be described as not ideal for beginners. It needs an expert drift RC driver to handle. It’s a real beast! It is difficult to find a proper competitor for this one, even among all the best rc cars.

The car is made up of advanced technology that may not be suitable for just anyone who wants to try it for the first time. In addition, it has comes at a price that may make you think twice before giving it someone to ‘try it out’. Although it’s not a budget breaker, the car fits under the $300 threshold. This should not just be ignored.

With its powerful motor and state of the art electronics, the car has a chassis that is designed for drifting and supports it effectively. The brand new and upgraded 2.4GHz Automatic Frequency Hopping System can easily keep up a constant direct connection with the car and tune out any interferences that may be facing it. This is really great in case you are racing against other racers because each and every car on that track comes with its own radio system.

To add to this, the chassis is fully adjustable, and the special drift tires assist in holding those extreme drift angles that occur while creating a spectacular experience. To make it better, the upper and lower plates of the chassis are made of carbon fiber and this keeps the entire body as lightweight as possible.

The shock system is one to marvel at because it is well developed to reduce any chances of damage due to collisions and bumps. For example, the oil filled shock absorbers and the cut pistons do a great job in keeping the car level at an optimal angle when drifting on rough terrain.

I have observed many cars and the X10DR Pro Drift Car is among the best drifting vehicles in the world. I can highly recommend it to professional drifters due to the high speeds of this car. The car is not suitable for people who are not used to controlling a drift car because losing control is so easy with this one.

It may be a bit hard to find the right track for your car locally. The car is a fast one and comes with drifting tires. In case you don’t find a great track and you want to drive it on asphalt, make it a point to buy new tires that are eligible for the road. This is because the drifting ones may run out very fast.

When you open a new one, you will come across a provided battery and transmitter. However, you will need to buy batteries for the charger and a charger for the Li-Po battery.


  • Advanced driving technology.
  • Designed for drifting.
  • Beautiful body.
  • Incredible speeds.


  • It’s not ideal for asphalt with its stock tires.
  • It’s expensive.
  • It is too fast for normal race tracks.


When you take HGH, the question of finding efficacious HGH supplements, which would work great for your body and the overall condition of health, is highly important, and Avatropin is among the products which can help you find to meet this goal. Whether you are searching for a muscle builder and fat burner or a supplement that significantly strengthens hair, skin, and nails, Avatropin is marketed as one of the most comprehensive blends on the market. Avatropin is supposedly the ultimate HGH product that produces all of the right effects, even helping you to sleep better at night. There are actually quite a few benefits that most people wouldn’t consider, even with the popularity of the HGH name. Avatropin has covered them all.

Is Avatropin Really That Powerful?

It is one thing to brag about a powerful supplement and quite another to actually provide a powerful approach. With any supplement like Avatropin, it’s all about the ingredients. There is no way to tell whether or not Avatropin is capable of helping you unless you know what the product is made of.

In this case, Avatropin uses a mix of powerful ingredients ranging from the fat burner cissus quadrangularis to the antioxidant resveratrol and ingredients that specifically increase HGH such as colostrum and deer antler velvet extract. Every ingredient we have seen in Avatropin has a particular purpose, and there are plenty of ingredients with both immediate and long-lasting, measurable benefits.

Are These Ingredients Enough?

Sometimes, you get products that look good on the surface but do not actually come through. In fact, we have seen some products that have impressive lists of HGH-enhancing ingredients and yet do absolutely nothing. Avatropin is not that kind of product.

Based on what we have read so far in consumer reviews, clinical studies, and the objective information provided by Avatropin, Avatropin seems to be an increasingly popular option. Far from the many scams we have seen in the past, this particular HGH-enhancer has real potential.

Will Avatropin help everyone get the same benefits? Unfortunately, there is no product that is guaranteed to work every time for every person. However, Avatropin has a clinically-proven approach that could put many competitors to shame. The vast majority of Avatropin users report amazing results.

Is Avatropin a Good Value?

No matter the HGH product (whether legal or not), consumers have been known to pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands for a single bottle or a month’s supply. Avatropin sells for $74.95, which may seem high if you’re comparing Avatropin to your grocery store green tea fat burner. However, once you factor in the significantly higher value, better ingredients, and more diversified effects, how can you really compare Avatropin to that kind of blend? Avatropin is on a completely different level.

Because of the outstanding aspects of Avatropin, we feel completely comfortable recommending readers try Avatropin to increase HGH levels naturally, you can find the best deal on

Skin Care Terms Glossary H-Z

Here’s the continuation of the list of skin care terms found in many skin care products as well as terms used in many of the articles.

Humectant – Substance that holds in the moisture content of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – A natural substance found in abundance in young skin.  Used as an ingredient in anti aging skin care products that boosts the moisture level and alleviate dryness.

Hydroquinone – A skin bleaching agent that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation – A common, yet generally harmless condition of the skin where certain areas become darker in color caused by an increase in melanin.  Usually caused by pregnancy hormones, exposure to sunlight, and certain medications.

Inflammation – A reaction of the skin to disease or injury – characteristics being redness, warmth, swelling, and pain.

Jojoba Beads – Made from hardened jojoba oil and used to exfoliate the skin.

Kojic Acid – Natural skin lightening agent used in some anti aging skin care products to reduce pigment problems and age spots. Has similar effects as hydroquinone.

Laser – An electronic device that produces light radiation.

Microdermabrasion – An anti aging skin care treatment that resurfaces the skin using microscopic crystals to exfoliate and polish the skin.

Non-comedogenic – This means the product does not clog pores.

Olive Oil – A natural super emollient oil known to help active ingredients to penetrate.

Peptides – Act as messengers in the skin that actually allow the epidermis and dermis to communicate with one another.  Communication diminishes in the cells as we age and peptides which are high antioxidants restore collagen and elastin production while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Photo-aging – A term that describes damage to the skin by over exposure to sunlight.

Psoriasis – A common, chronic skin disorder characterized by red skin covered with silvery scales and inflammation.

Retinol – A form of Vitamin A that stimulates cell turnover and renewal. Found in many anti aging skin care products to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen production.

Rosacea – An anti-inflammatory acne condition this is often times genetic and caused by enviromental triggers.

Salicylic Acid – An ingredient used in skin care products to treat acne.

Squalene – An emollient that prevents water evaporation from the skin.

UVA – Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun year round.  UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB and are responsible for causing premature aging of the skin – wrinkles, age spots etc.

UVB – Considered the “tanning ray” and is strongest during the summer months.  More potent than UVA rays, UVB causes sun burn and are considered the main cause of basal and squamous skin cell cancers.

Vitamin C – Also known as Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C is an antioxidant found in many anti aging skin care products that helps protect the skin from free radicals and stimulates collagen production while healing.

Vitamin E – Another antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin while providing moisturization, softness and smoothness to the skin.

Vitamin K – Essential to blood clotting and healing – Diminishes dark under-eye circles by healing broken cappilaries.

Skin Care Terms Glossary A-G

I have compiled a list of skin care terms to help you familiarize yourself with some of the ingredients found in many skin care products as well as terms used in many of the articles.

Age Spots – Also known as Liver Spots – Flat brown spots found on the skin usually from over-exposure to the sun.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid – Used for cosmetic purposes for centuries – (AHA’s) derived from fruit acids and milk sugars, the most common are glycolic and lactic – found in a variety of skin care products to exfoliate dead skin cell layers to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and photaging.

Antioxidant – Substances or nutrients that protect our cells from free radicals that cause damage to the body or skin.

Aromatherapy – A holistic treatment used for facial and body treatments using botanical oils.

Ayurveda – Or Ayurvedic means “science of life.”  Refers to holistic medicine developed in India over 10,000 years ago.

Bioflavanoids – Plant pigments that are considered to be one of the most potent antioxidants and one of the key collagen building catalysts.

Botanical – A plant used for it’s medicinal or therapeutic properties.

Chamomile Oil – An aromatheraphy essential oil extracted from the flowers.  Reduces inflammation and soothes sensitive skin.

Collagen – The fibrous protein found in the skin. Collagen gives skin firmness, makes skin stronger, thicker, more taut and resilient.

Cucumber Extract – An ingredient used in many anti aging eye creams and serums for its natural cooling, soothing effects on delicate under-eye skin. Helps to reduce puffiness while tightening the skin.

Dermabrasion – A cosmetic/medical procedure used to resurface the skin to help remove sun damage, facial scars, etc.  Dermabrasion is more invasive to the skin than microdermabrasion.

DMAE – An antioxidant compound that is found to help brain function and memory when taken in supplemental form. Also found in many anti aging skin care products for it’s ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and overall signs of anti aging.

Eczema – Also known as Atopic Dermatitis – A common persistent skin condition where the skin is red, irritated, and itchy.

Elastin – A protein found in the skin that allows it to expand and contract.

Emollient – Commonly referred to as moisturizers which soften and hydrate the skin.

Essential Oils – Also known as aromatherpy essential oils – Oils that give plants there characteristic fragrances.

Esthetician – Skin care specialists that administer skin care treatments.

Exfoliate – To remove the dead surface skin cells by using a scrub, mask, or peel.

Evening Primrose – A botanical oil used as an anti-inflammatory and to improve skin hydration.

Free Radicals – Oxidants that break down and damage healthy cells in the body.

Grape Seed Extract – A rich source of bioflavanoids, powerful free radical scavenger and very potent antioxidant.

Glycolic Peel – Also known as a chemical peel, applied to the skin to dissolve the outer skin layer to reveal softer, smoother, healthier skin.

Green Tea Extract – An anti-inflammatory ingredient found in many anti aging skin care products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, and puffiness.

Get Rid of Tummy Fat With Exercises

Your bulging stomach is truthfully the worst type of fat that you can have. Worried about that bulging midsection? It’s said that stomach fat is associated with many health problems. This is why you’ll want to get those muscles moving and start to get rid of tummy fat.

Get Rid of Tummy Fat: Cardio

To begin to lose tummy fat, you also have to lose fat from your whole body and aerobic exercises are a great way to help you. It is mostly because of our heredity that decides if we retain certain fat cells or not. Lowering your fat content can considerably increase your energy, improve your health, and in the meantime give you that flat stomach you have been looking for.

The best kind of an exercise regimen is the one youll stay with for the long run. To start with, pick some active hobbies you like to do, but dont overdo it at first. Twenty to thirty minutes a day should do it.

One way would be to do yard work or get that garden going strong. Or if you have kids youll always get a bonus from them. Just play with them or go for long walks. That way you get your exercise and the kids wear themselves out for you. What if you only have a dog? You can take it for walks or teaching it tricks is always fun. There is also a plus to going to your neighborhood gym or exercise center because of all the different equipment they have and support from being with other people that have similar goals.

Get Rid of Tummy Fat: Core Strength

You need more than just sit-ups to get rid of tummy fat for good. There are various exercises you need to do to flatten your stomach. Regular crunches are good but vertical leg crunches are more effective because you use other muscles. These are done by lying flat and holding your legs off the floor at 45 degrees. Then just do your crunches. Get someone to help you at first.

Later on if you have access to an exercise ball, the use of it while doing your leg lifts, and crunches will help considerably. Work your back muscles as well to keep everything in proportion.

Get Rid of Tummy Fat: Yoga

Using yoga for weight loss will give you many different rewards. It can help you relieve stress and at the same time get rid of tummy fat and boost your energy.

Being stressed out because of mental or emotional stress, an injury, illness, etc. Your body will make an effort to heal itself. A part of your brain secretes a hormone known as cortisol also called (the stress hormone) that can really help your body. At the same time it can also hurt you because it aids in abdominal fat which could lead to more serious health problems. It would have been OK in ancient times when people had to survive times like the bitter cold, famine, and other hardships.

There are several yoga exercises that consist of stretching and breathing that will decrease the amount of cortisol your brain makes and help you relieve the stress in your life. The many other benefits to yoga would be your flexibility, strength, and balance.

With all these benefits there is also another thing yoga exercises have to offer and that is to help you get to your goal of a flat stomach. Lying flat on your back, seated, standing, and stretches to where you have to keep your balance are all good yoga exercises.

A repeated routine of cardiovascular exercise, core strengthening, and yoga will help you get rid of tummy fat and enjoy a better health.

Lose Leg Fat for Your Health

Walking or standing our legs are what do all the work for us. Maybe thats why they seem big. There is one problem though. Women usually store fat in their legs, where a man will store fat in his abdominal area.

To lose leg fat in a healthy way, you will have to start a nutritious diet. There are many diets you can follow, but there are no short cuts to get you to your goals.

Diet to Lose Leg Fat

There are foods that actually help burn fat, it just comes down to eating the right amounts to help you lose fat. It has its skeptics but many believe that thermogenic foods can increase the bodies core temperature increasing your metabolic rate. Some kinds of foods are peppers, tropical fruits, green tea, and more.

Your not just restricted to those types of foods in your diet. You also need whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, green vegetables, fresh fruits, and eggs. Unsaturated fats are a lot healthier than trans fat.

Exercise to Lose Leg Fat

Everyday walking is one way our legs get exercised but not nearly enough to burn excessive fat. So what do you do? Start a clear cut cardio exercise and strengthening exercise to lose leg fat.

Increasing you heart rate can boost your fat burning process through cardio exercises. Select a hobby that will keep you physically active for 20 minutes or more a day, 3 to 5 times a week straight with a couple days off to let your body recuperate.

Some exercises are better than others. Bike riding, swimming, jogging, dancing, even walking on the beach, are just some on a long list to choose from to lose leg fat. You might want to try a sport or a gym if one of those appeal to you better. Discover an activity you like to do all the time or even more than one activity so you will stick with it on a consistent basis and not get bored with them.

Start easy, and work yourself up to a more vigorous routine to help you out in the beginning. If you use a gym to do your strength training exercises make sure you take full advantage of their leg machines that are made to give you a great workout. Or if you prefer a more private setting like home, try leg lifts, wall sits, and lunges.

Lose Stress: Lose Leg Fat

Stress in your life will cause weight gain. Our bodies have a self preservation mechanism that makes our bodies store fat when they feel threatened by an illness or even just everyday life stress. When our ancestors had to deal with famine just to survive their bodies also stored fat. It is just the way our body will always work.

Most of us no longer have to worry about famine, but with all the different types of foods from cakes and cookies to fast foods that we have become too familiar with, we just simply accumulate fat. Yoga is the best known exercise for relaxation of the mind and body. It will also help you lose leg fat at the same time.

There are many poses that can help you tone your legs by standing on one which will also help your balance. Stretching with one leg bent or floor exercises that has you extend your legs from your body.

Its impossible to just lose leg fat, you have to lose fat from your entire body. Make sure you eat nutritious meals and exercise regularly, then before you know it your legs will be in great shape.

Weight Loss After Childbirth is Reachable

Do you want to get serious about losing weight after giving birth? House work and looking after the new baby has to be the two biggest reasons why new moms have a hard time finding time to exercise at all. Weight loss after childbirth is an achievable goal with a helping hand from others to make sure you get that extra time you need.

So go for it, simply dropping from exhaustion is not an option. There are a number of ways that weight loss after childbirth can be obtained.

The Clock Is Ticking

Sure its difficult but you have to find that extra time for yourself so you can exercise. Getting 30 minutes a day can be hard at times, so even 15 minutes twice a day would be just fine. Its the total of time that is whats needed. Get family or friends to take care of the baby so you can exercise. Or even if you want to you could exercise while the baby naps. This will be the beginning of a healthier you and your family will love you for it.

Eating Healthy

You actually dont want to cut back on the amount of calories you eat in a day, especially if you are breastfeeding. The #1 reason would be for your babys health. Also, reducing your calorie intake to much will cause your metabolism to slow down and as a result of that your body will store fat.

To achieve weight loss after childbirth eating smaller portions five or six times a day with even eating snacks in between as long as it is nutritious food is the way to go. Calcium enriched foods that come from dark green veggies and low fat dairy products are what you dont want to deny your body. The nutrients you get from these types of foods, speeds up your metabolism, which in turn helps you with losing body fat. When balanced out with lean protein, fruits, and whole grains you will feel your energy levels climb also.

Make Exercising Enjoyable

Dont let exercising bring you down. Believe it or not your baby can actually help you with your weight loss after childbirth. Taking the little one for long stroller walks or even swimming classes for the baby that would involve you would be great exercises.

Help is Close By

Just look around for support groups. The different networks out there for moms like you trying to lose weight and get back in shape are astounding. Some women find it hard to go at it by themselves. You could possibility find a group in your own town that would offer that extra help you need.

Turning to family and friends can be a great source of support, by babysitting or just being there to keep your spirits high so youll stay motivated to reach your goals. Online youll read about other womans problems and solutions, they have found that could help you out with your own weight loss.

Get Your Rest

There have been studies done that say most people dont get the rest they need. This is where new moms could sabotage their goals. Let someone else respond to the babys cries at night so youre able to get a full 8-10 hours of sleep. It will actually take a lot of stress out of your life.

As for the ladies out there who chose to breastfeed your time to get a full sleep in will come a little later. In the meantime catch a nap whenever you can. Every little bit helps. Just remember your goal of weight loss after childbirth is right around the corner.

Lose Thigh Fat by Diet and Exercise

Thighs are normally a place of concern that women have. You can become too accustomed to the fat on your thighs, even before time takes its toll. There is a proven formula out there to rid your body of that excess fat. To lose thigh fat can be as easy or as difficult you want to make it. With the right diet and exercise plan you will see the results you are looking for before you know it.

Lose Thigh Fat: Diet

One side of the weight loss pyramid is cardiovascular exercises. A nutritional diet is the other side. Try to stay away from foods that are high in sugar, sodium and saturated fats because they will only slow down your efforts. If you are fighting your genetics you will especially want to keep away from these types of foods.

Eat five or six small nutritious meals each day and your metabolism will thank you for it. This helps you avoid the stop-and-start effect that your metabolism gets by eating three large meals daily. Youll want to try to eat every three hours even if its only a snack. An in between nibble of nuts, fruits high in fiber or low-fat dairy products is very nutritious.

Include dark green vegetables and lean meats with every meal to get the right vitamins and proteins your body needs. Also you will want to eat some complex carbohydrates to get that extra boost before you start a grueling workout regimen. Then to help your muscle mass grow, make sure to eat a high protein diet after your workout.

Water is also a very powerful tool when it comes to weight loss either being combined with your diet or exercises. Staying hydrated is a must for fat loss, and your health. Your body needs plenty of water throughout the day. You will want to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to keep your metabolism working hard.

Lose Thigh Fat with Exercise

When you discover that all the pin-pointed exercising you can possibly do still doesnt help. You will understand why that losing body fat will make your efforts easier when you begin an exercising program to lose thigh fat so your legs look and feel slender.

There are different types of cardiovascular training out there that will get the blood running through your veins and help you burn more energy than you are used to. A more rapidly working metabolism = more energy used from calories and less stored fat.

Get that added ability to burn fat, go hot and heavy with your leg workouts with swimming, jogging and more. You can change your agenda for walking or jogging to your benefit. Doing leg exercises underwater will also keep you from damaging your joints.

Lose Thigh Fat: Strength Training

Strength training will accelerate muscle tissue building to help you lose thigh fat. In fat vs. muscle, muscles win hands down every time. Theyre sleeker and they will also burn off more calories. With the more muscle you build in time, burning the calories to lose weight will become that much easier. There are many different weight machines designed to help you concentrate on certain muscle groups to strengthen your legs. Using a stair master is a great way to exercise your thigh muscles.

There are many home exercise routines you can do so you wont have to worry about going to the gym. To lose thigh fat you can begin one of the many different exercises, such as leg lifts, wall-sits and lunges. While doing lunges and you feel the need to increase the difficulty, just add some ankle weights. You will want to do them until your thigh muscles start to feel weak and tired. Yoga is another type of exercise that can help in different ways. Exercising every other day combined with a nutritional diet should get you to your goals in no time.

The Reality Behind Quick Weight Loss Diets

The truth about quick weight loss diets is that they have been approximately the only way people have tried to lose weight at first, but in turn to find out its not the way to keep the weight off permanently. Fast weight loss diets, known as fad diets have been good for people that only needed to lose a few pounds. Since there are no spectacular ways to lose extra pounds fast, there are ways to accelerate your weight loss without having to rely on quick weight loss diets. Try this:

Kick Your Metabolism in Gear with Healthy Eating

Do you worry about your calorie intake? Not eating enough could be the trouble. Plus Yo-Yo dieting can be very dangerous to your health, and at the same time it will slow down your metabolism by as much as 30%. To start on the right course, it will require you to eat enough calories to boost your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

We want to help you get started with the right tools by helping you find a free BMR calculator, so by visiting and entering the needed information into the calculator it will give you the number of calories your body burns if you were to rest all day. If you already exercise, then step it up a notch, but if you havent, work into it slowly then kick it in gear. Getting the greater amount of your calories from lean protein, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables will help your body recuperate from all that junk food you have been putting into it.

You will gain weight at first but dont let that stop you; time is needed to put your body back into working order. You will see the pounds shed away and feel your metabolism increase after you have been eating the calories needed to lose weight. Before you know it youll be losing a pound a week, at the same time if you include an exercise program with your diet, you could be losing more.

Start Exercising Today

You will find that quick weight loss diets leave exercise out of the equation. They say you can reduce your weight immediately by eating extremely less. Sure it sounds great that youll drop pounds in no time flat, but you will just gain the weight back after you have started eating regularly. To top it off, quick weight loss diets can only hurt your health, without staying with a balanced diet and exercise.

Professionals say that cardiovascular exercises and any of the different strength training exercises are the two best types to combine with your diet. You could also look into Yoga for a way to relieve the stress in your life, as well as learn stretching routines that you can use before exercising and relaxation routines at the end of the day.

Exercising can benefit your health in many ways and increase weight loss if it is added along with your diet. You will see your muscles develop and body become leaner. While sharpening your state of mind and helping your body get that needed rest. These are just some of the advantages that you cannot get with quick weight loss diets.

Dump the Fasting Diets

There are too many stories out there about celebrities and how they lose weight in a hurry for a movie role if they need to. What we havent heard is how much theyve gained back after their quick weight loss diets were over.

Putting stress on your mind and body is just not worth what these instant weight loss plans will do to your body. You will end up being tired, hungry and grouchy just to name a few side effects. Not to mention damaging your metabolism, making it a no-win situation to lose weight even if you eat fewer calories.

To sustain a healthy weight is easier than you think. By starting a nutritious diet and keeping your body in motion with a regular exercise routine, you will gain the control over your body that is needed and no longer have the troubles associated with quick weight loss diets.